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Born in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Rudy is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

With over 35+ years of experience, we specialize in providing top-notch mentorship, networking opportunities, and business development workshops, for those who want bleeding-edge insight to their markets.

Our client base includes a diverse range of Fortune 100, Startups, Legal, Banking, Medical, Entertainment, and seasoned entrepreneurs who have benefitted from our cutting-edge insights and hands-on guidance.


Expert Mentorship

Benefit from tailored guidance and cutting-edge insights from industry experts.


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Join exclusive gatherings to expand your connections and opportunities in the business world.


Business Workshops

Participate in workshops designed to enhance your skills and help your startup grow.

Our Vision

To be the leading catalyst for entrepreneurial success, inspiring individuals to achieve their highest potential and business excellence.

Really.. Who is Rudy?

My dad always told me – “usar o que você tem” [use what you have]…

Rudy is a visionary entrepreneur, who has etched his name into the annals of modern business with his innovative ventures and steadfast determination. Born in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Rudy’s journey began on the solid foundations of hard work and relentless ambition. At the age of 54, he stands as a testament to the power of ingenuity and resilience in the face of adversity.
A pivotal moment in Rudy’s life occurred when he met his beloved wife through a serendipitous encounter on a blind date app Match.com back in Y2K2. Two years later, they exchanged vows, embarking on a shared journey filled with love, support, and mutual aspiration. Together, they welcomed twins into their lives, a testament to their enduring bond & shared dreams for the future.
Rudy’s entrepreneurial spirit found expression in the realm of startups, where he sought to revolutionize traditional models and redefine industry standards. His latest venture, FURE, emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realm of ridesharing and advertising. With a pioneering concept that merges transportation and marketing, FURE offers free rides to passengers in exchange for engaging with targeted advertisements. This symbiotic relationship between advertisers and riders proved to be a game-changer, propelling FURE to unprecedented heights of success.
Central to FURE’s triumph was Rudy’s astute utilization of artificial intelligence to harness and analyze the wealth of data generated during each ride. Through advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, FURE seamlessly aggregates and interprets consumer insights, empowering advertisers with invaluable market intelligence. As FURE evolved into a unique rideshare platform, Rudy’s leadership and foresight propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.
Despite FURE’s potential global reach, Rudy remained grounded in his commitment to family and community. Nestled in the tranquil suburbs of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, he continued to steer the company from the comfort of his home, surrounded by the unwavering support of his devoted wife and children. Beyond the boardroom, Rudy’s legacy endures as a testament to the power of innovation, perseverance, and the enduring bonds of family.

I was literally born blocks from this beach.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Our Goals For Clients

To empower clients with innovative, tailored solutions.

Our History

My dad – “faça perguntas, é assim que você aprende” / “ask questions, that’s how you learn”

For the past 35+ years, Rudy has been a pillar of entrepreneurial guidance and support through his dedicated mentorship programs. Beginning his journey as an aspiring entrepreneur himself, Rudy quickly recognized the need for strong mentorship and support networks for budding entrepreneurs. He established his first mentorship program in the early 2010s, focusing on providing young innovators with the resources, guidance, and confidence they needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures.


As a mentor, Rudy has been instrumental in shaping the careers of countless entrepreneurs. His programs are renowned for their hands-on approach, where Rudy personally engages with mentees to understand their unique challenges and aspirations. He provides tailored advice, helping them navigate the complex world of startups. Rudy’s mentorship is not just about business strategies; he emphasizes the importance of resilience, adaptability, and ethical leadership. His mentees consistently praise his ability to inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential.


Leadership is at the core of Rudy’s entrepreneurial program. He believes that effective leadership is about more than just directing a team—it’s about fostering an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive. Through workshops and seminars, Rudy teaches the principles of visionary leadership, empowering his mentees to lead with confidence and integrity. His leadership curriculum includes modules on team-building, strategic decision-making, and effective communication, ensuring that his mentees are well-equipped to lead their ventures successfully.


Rudy’s program also places a strong emphasis on resilience. He understands that the entrepreneurial journey is fraught with challenges and setbacks, and he prepares his mentees to tackle these head-on. Rudy’s resilience training includes case studies, simulations, and real-world problem-solving exercises that teach entrepreneurs how to navigate adversity. He shares his own experiences of overcoming business challenges, illustrating that setbacks are opportunities for growth and innovation.


Rudy’s entrepreneurship program has had a profound impact on the business community. Through his mentorship, leadership training, and focus on resilience, he has cultivated a generation of entrepreneurs who are capable, confident, and ready to face the challenges of the modern business landscape. His legacy is one of empowerment and inspiration, demonstrating the enduring value of guidance, support, and innovative thinking. As Rudy continues to mentor the next wave of entrepreneurs, his program remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for those daring to dream big.


Over the years, Rudy’s entrepreneurial program has evolved to incorporate the latest technological advancements and market trends. Recognizing the transformative power of technology, Rudy has integrated modules on digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics into his curriculum. This forward-thinking approach ensures that his mentees are not only prepared for the present but are also equipped to lead in the future. Rudy’s program has been credited with launching numerous tech-savvy startups that have gone on to achieve significant success in the market.

Our Mission

Dig a little deeper on Rudy

Je Ne Sais Quoi

I know you’re gonna ask “Why put out this personal info out in the interwebs” since some of it is already out there. Well, folks are gonna make stuff up, say stuff that isn’t me, or say things to sell to the press. It’s unfortunate, but this is the world we live in, and we shouldn’t live like this but we do. And yeah, I’ve done dumb stuff too, it’s “a curva de aprendizagem da vida” / “life’s learning curve”, you learn from it, move on, and be better.. you’re not born with a guidebook, just great parents to help guide you on the road of life.

Born – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Carioca), until 1.5yo, then moved to NYC bc of Lady Liberty.

Raised – I’m New Yorker – Madhattan: 1yr Midtown (apt above the Gershwin Theater), 7yrs Crooklyn (Borough Park), & 25+ yrs Staten Italy (Bullshead & PrincesBay)

If you grew up as a partially-deaf kid, in the greatest city in the world, you knew, it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard, you learn to take the good/bad and say “Na – I’m good” and you keep walking.

Lived – 3yrs Manhattan (UES), 2yrs Brooklyn (Dumbo), 1.5yrs Queens (Ridgewood), 1yr Miami (SoBe), 2x6m Brazil (Fam), & 3m Jamaica (MoBay, Negril, & Ocho Rios).

Home – 20+yrs Poconos + Lehigh Valley PA (come visit – it’s a great place to live, work & play).

Work – 35+yrs – [Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Broadway & Seventh Avenue] Entrepreneur/Corporate/Govt: Electronics Engineer (Mr. Gadget), IT Consultant, IT Manager, NOC Engineer, Project Manager, Music Producer, Advertising Agent, Mortgage Broker, & [Redacted].

Yeah, my first job was working for my dad in my younger years, working for my dad that was golden, he showed me marketing and street hustle sales 101 and everything in between, from the grand master himself. “Venha comigo, vou te mostrar o que é trabalho duro”. But McDonalds was the first job at 16 to teach me business 101, proud to have worked there, learned more about the art of the business hustle than any college level 100 – 400 business classes I’ve taken would have. After working for them for 2 years, I became entrepreneur, you realize if Maurice & Robert McDonald could make it happen, I could too.. I’ve fail plenty, but you learn what not to do again, that is the key to success. Like Jason Calacanis tells his founders – “Do The Work” – those words are so true.

Family – Wife, Kids, Dogs, but no flying pigs, lime green sheep, or gold-horned unicorns – yet.

SchoolBrooklyn: St. John’s Pre-K, Staten Island: PS 60, IS 72, Richmondtown Prep, College of Staten Island, Brooklyn: New York City Technical, Manhattan: Culinary school, New Jersey: DeVry Technical, Pennsylvania: Northampton Community College

Visited – Every major US city mostly for work (in some cases 5Xs), sometimes it was personal, Canada, Hawaii, Fiji, 26 Caribbean islands (hopped/stayed at the main island or her smaller islands for a day or a few).

Folks should travel and explore the world, see what’s out in the world and understand their culture and values. Life is learning, learning is what life is about.

Books – Business (Basics, Historical, Nichies), Art (Modern, Deco, Historical), History (1100-1800s, 1920s, Present), & Sciences (Engineering, Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics & Psychology) When do you stop learning? NEVER. Failure to learn is failure to be successful.

Cars – Owned a bunch, wrecked a few [Sorry dad – that girl was pretty], I liked to race a lot.

At 13yo, learning to drive is/was a life changing experience, until my dad was up, waiting for me at 1am. Speed is a dangerous drug for young kid like me, it was highly addictive. That blacked out charger down south has nothing on me. [Kids don’t speed, I was really stupid at 17]

Hobbies – Health, Invent, BMX, SK8, Bc of Racecar, Camping, Beach Lizard, and Tinker of Fix It.

Sports – Build Racecar, and watch Autosports, Futbol, Basketball, Baseball & Watersports.

Fan – Seleção, Flamengo, Barça, Madrid, Union & interMiami / 76ers, Phillies, Eagles / Yankees, Knicks, Nets, Jets, Giants.

Life – Body & Mind is a temple in which I thank our Father every morning to lead the path I’ve chosen to support the family and pass my knowledge of my legacy.

Future – Make humanity happy in some way either thru my work or contribute, build more stuff, fund other people’s crazy dreams, and take a vacation on the Moon and/or Mars.

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