Credit: RFerraz in SF 17′

One road, two choices.

I could tell you the facts or

would you rather hear the choice?

My circle is small, so is a black hole.

Everyone in my life has had a normal or somewhat normal beginning, mine was interesting thou, poor -yes piss poor, to a life full of fast cars and late 90’s jet weekend parties in MIA w/ Diddy, Madonna & Versace to…

Now developing ideas into startups, it’s about investing & paying it forward, for anyone who sees the future.

Yea, that yellow brick road has potholes..

I wasn’t born an entrepreneur, that was my dad’s job to teach me.

So Yea, I know a thing or two..if not, blame my dad..

“Dad, But I could see the potholes on the street with the yellow line” – it wasn’t a smooth ride that day. Every day with my dad, was an adventure in street business MBA class 101 in NYC. It took me a few years to see – I have a knack if a business was going to take off – by asking questions.. like, if they had a Jewish accountant or the owner’s brother-in-law is the accountant.

I was young, I didn’t know any better, but asked anyway. I like to ask about stuff.

Something I did to pass time, is to call business folks up and ask them odd-ball questions – if they had an Accountant who knew their numbers or ask questions about there products or services.. Talk about being, a bored kid..

Back in those days, owning a business- was easy. All you had to do was, develop an idea, work out the kinks, put it on paper, ask for the loan, build and market the biz and repay the loan. Ya, you see, it’s simple.

Now, today – it’s not so simple – the yellow brick road has potholes.. for this guy from Staten Island.

So a little bout me…

Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until 1.5

Raised NYC: 2-4yo Midtown/ 4-7yo Brooklyn/ 7-21yo Staten Island

Lived 25+y Staten Island, 15+y Lehigh Valley, 3y Manhattan, 2y Brooklyn, 1.5y Queens, 1y Miami SoBe, 6m Rio, 3m Jamacia

Visited Every major metro city in the US for work at least twice, in some cases 2+ times. [Vegas 4x]

Flown To every Caribbean island at least once and stayed for more than 5 days. [Negril 5wks]

School PS 60, IS 72, RTP, CIS, NYCT, DTI, NCC & Cooking school in mid-town [cant remem]

Books Business [mostly], Art, History & Science [nerd in me]

Life Moving humanity to be nice, as long as I get a healthy snack after this questionnaire.

Family Typical family stuff, wife, kids, dogs, but no flying pigs, sleeping sheep or unicorns, yet.

Cars Owned a bunch, wrecked a few, raced a lot.

Hobbies Racecars, liquids, tinker, and inventor.

Sports Racecar, futbol [soccer], baseball & watersports.

Future Make humanity happy, build more stuff, fund other people’s dreams, explore mars.